Is This The Reason Jay-Z Sold His Majority Stake In Tidal?

On Rap Life with Ebro, Nadeska, and Lowkey they spoke about Jay-Z selling his majority stake in Tidal to Jack Dorsey's Square. Now, lots of people have been running with "hot takes" about Jay-Z not being all "Blackity-Black" as his Basquiat dreads would lead some to believe...duh.

Well, Lowkey actually gave a great take on why Jay-Z sold his share of Tidal. He said, "I think he's in the running to buy a sports team because; that kind of liquidation, that quickly...right're not just doing it, just to do it." Ebro agreed with his point.

I agree with Lowkey's thinking. Let's not forget that Jay-Z sold out Colin Kaepernick and Jermaine Dupri just to become a Super Bowl Halftime Show coorindator. We all know that is pathetic, but if Jay-Z becomes the first Black NFL owner, it would be all worth it for him. However, I would still think he ain't shit😒.

What do y'all think?

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