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Jessica Reid's Mother Says Charlamagne Lied About DNA Results In Rape Investigation (UPDATED)

Jessica Reid's mother says charlamagne lied about DNA test in rape case.


Charlamagne Tha Pinocchio


This morning Former NBA player, Kwame Brown, interviewed Jessica Reid's mother and brother on his Youtube channel. Jessica Reid is the woman who alleges Charlamagne Tha God drugged and raped her when she was 15-year-old.

Charlamagne had proclaimed his innocence on The Breakfast Club by saying, "The documents show that I did everything in my power to fully cooperate with authorities before this case was ultimately dismissed. And, to be honest with you, the past few weeks have really made me regret helping to create an environment that

allowed something like this to take place […], But I cannot take responsibility for a crime I did not commit. But, most importantly, I am praying for healing for the victim."

The documents he is talking about are alleged results from Jessica's rape kit where he claims his DNA was not found. This is the argument Charlamagne's supporters have used against those supporting Jessica Reid.

Well, Jessica Reid's mother confirms what Choke No Joke had reported when this argument came up in

the past. After Jessica's mother saw her daughter's mental state following the brutal attack, she made the hard decision not to allow Jessica to testify. Since the victim was not cooperating, the D.A. did not feel compelled to test DNA for a case that was not going to trial. It was also a cost-saving decision since those tests are not free. So, while we still can't say Charlamagne's DNA was found, we also can't say it wasn't because there was never any test completed to clear him, according to what I understand from Jessica's mother and Choke No Joke.

If Jessica was allowed to testify, no telling where Charlamagne would be right now. He did not get lesser charges due to lack of evidence; it was a lack of victim willingness to cooperate.

I support Jessica and her family in getting the truth out, no matter how long ago this incident happened.



UPDATED: 6/6 at 6:40 PM PST


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