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Karen Civil: Sugar, Spice, And Everything Not Nice?

Karen Civil Accused Of Scamming Artists On Clubhouse - Joyner Lucas


Karen Civil, AKA Olivia Pope, has needed every one of the services she offers her clients this past week. She has been callout and accused of scamming artists, taking pages down, stealing content, frauding charities, and stealing Christmas.

I am not sure of the order of how things started but how I learned of this was first on Clubhouse when the Crenshaw District went viral for calling Karen out. From there, it was Joyner Lucas, Jessie Woo, Jason Lee, Rolling Ray, Ernest Owens, Meek Mill, Cam'Ron, and today a nonprofit organization Sowaseed.

It's a lot of back and forth, and I really can't post it all; however, I did want to provide a spot for ya'll to talk on this if this topic was of any interest.


Meek did something I can't stand. It's when you squash an issue with someone and then that person brings it up again as if it's still a problem. He just couldn't act like an adult, and for his troubles, the incident with Nicki was brought up and he is now only tweeting about his Fallon performance. No backtalk.


Karen Civil and Jason Lee were playing a dirty game, that he is still playing despite his victim act. He is team Cardi and she is team Nicki and shit got messy. Oh well...


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I thought I was the only one who peeped this. How did you and Karen civil make up, and now here you are crying crocodile tears on the internet about some she was your friend. Meek is just mad that in the Nicki vs Meek shit Karen did not pick his side. Now that other lady if she was going to bring up the Nicki and Meek abuse she could of gave us more info instead of handing over partial tea and no receipts. I still do believe Meek did abuse Nicki and had her house robbed but hey what do I know🤷🏽‍♀.

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