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Kim Kardashian Calls Whitney Houston An "Old Hag" In Leaked Voice Messages Played By Candace Owens

Video Courtesy of Candace Owens Podcast


Things I did not know: Ray J is still feuding with Kim Kardashian.

Someone in Ray J's circle allegedly sent Candace Owens an old voice message of Kim Kardashian going off on Ray J. In the recording, Kim is heard telling him to "have fun with old hag Whitney Houston" and "Crack is definitely not wack with you guys" in her most valley girl voice.

I can't with Kim....LMBAO!

I am not going to waste my time pretending to be upset at Kim Kardashian. Everyone was talking about Whitney Houston back then, and still today, people wonder if Ray J was her dealer, boy toy, or both. So he shouldn't even want Whitney Houston's name brought up with all the rumors about his role in her death.

I just want to know why so many men have one-sided beefs with women lately?




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