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Lady Leshurr And Cardi B Take Shots At Each Other On Twitter

Lady Leshurr Takes Shots At Cardi B On Twitter And Accuses Her of Taking her Beat and Idea Before She Blew Up.


Well, look what we have here. The person who turned down that Atlantic beef deal vs. the person who took it and rode it to fame.

After a fan took a shot at Lady Leshurr on Twitter, she returned the favor but took aim at Cardi B, "You mind asking Cardi if she can break me off a likkle change she used by beat/idea before her big break and is now a millionaire and I got paid 0."

*Tweets are being updated

Of course, Cardi B couldn't wait to respond by saying, "I made like 2 dollars off that want the other dollar?" But, noticeably, Cardi B did not deny Lady Leshurr's accusations.

Cardi B been a nibbler.

For those unaware, Lady Leshurr is the one who first exposed how Atlantic Records offered her a record deal, but only if she dissed Nicki Minaj. After that, other girls like Cupcakke and Angel Haze spoke out on similar offers.

All the Black girls turned it down, and suddenly Cardi B hits the scene. The rest is history.

So, I am sure Cardi B has been waiting to snap on Lady Leshurr.


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