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On Friday, I posted about Meek Mill calling Tekashi 6ix9ine out for being a "rat" and "ruining families." Like

with most of Meek's Twitter rants, people rolled their eyes and promptly told him to STFU. But then I started thinking about how I have never heard Meek call out Desiree Perez. A woman who helped save his pitiful career. A woman who has the ear of the man who breastfeeds him, Jay-Z. Where is all that huff and puff blow your house down energy for her?

Is Meek mad about "snitching" or sales & attention?



In 1994, Desiree Perez was arrested and indicted for conspiracy to possess w/ the intent to distribute 35 kilos of cocaine; and possession with the intent to distribute cocaine. Reports say she faced up to 10-years in prison until she agreed to become a key informant for the DEA. According to a NY Daily News report, Perez "agreed to wear hidden wires to record her meeting with major cocaine traffickers." Desiree was such an excellent undercover informant that she was "praised by federal prosecutors after she helped break up major drug deals in Puerto Rico and Colombia." Some could argue that what she is a bigger snitch than Tekashi 6ix9ine. But lets not split hairs, they both participated in sh*t they knew was illegal and once caught; started singing like the Titus Andromedon.



Desiree Perez first garnered attention for her "loose lips sink ships" past back in 2014 when she was

advising Alex Rodriguez during his Biogenesis doping scandal. Even though at the time, Perez did not hold a position at Roc Nation Sports, sources told NY Daily News that Perez had major behind the scene influence, was directly involved with players, and had a lot of power. It was Perez who allegedly convinced Rodriguez to fight MLB instead of retiring quietly.

Sidenote: Desiree Perez's husband and longtime Jay-Z business partner, Juan Perez AKA OG Juan, is president of Roc Nation Sports.

Well, Alex Rodriguez ended up getting what is called the "Queen For A Day" immunity deal. This meant that while under investigation, any admission Rodriguez made would not be used against him in later proceedings. After the deal, Rodriguez allegedly provided information to the feds AKA snitched and is now living his best life with J.Lo on TikTok.

I wonder if this is why Perez inserted herself into this A-Rod situation in the first place. Was she working undercover to help the feds build a case? Questions, Questions, Questions...

Roc Nation OG Juan, Desiree Perez, Jay-Z
OG Juan, Desiree Perez, Jay-Z



Those questions lead me right back to Meek...unfortunately for him.

We know that Meek's legal problems were really centered around his inability to stop violating his probation. However, once Jay-Z stepped in to help, the narrative became about a "crooked" judge who wanted Meek to remake Boyz II Men "On Bended Knee" and dedicate it to her. Who was on Meek's legal team? Joe Tacopina, who also represented Alex Rodriguez in his Biogenesis doping scandal and DEA SUPERSTAR INFORMANT DESIREE PEREZ. Look at the photos below, and let's play "Find Desiree."

We know how this story ended. Meek is no longer on probation, and all he had to do was plead guilty to misdemeanor possession of a firearm charge. Considering that Desiree "snitched" to lessen her sentence and Alex Rodriguez allegedly "snitched" to lessen his punishment, I don't think I am taking a giant leap in being suspicious of how this all worked out in Meek's favor after all these years. Who had to take a fall for Meek to be "free?"

Next time on Dragon Ball Z!



So, if Meek has such a problem with "snitches" and "rats," then why is he working with one? Desiree Perez

was recently promoted to the CEO of Roc Nation, and I doubt that Meek is looking for new management. He also had her around him during this court battle. That was a choice.

So, Meek is out here demanding that Tekashi apologizes for ruining families, but does he demand the same from Desiree? I am sure, due to her stellar work, families have been destroyed. You see, this is why Meek's yells often fall on deaf ears. He contradicts himself and repeatedly comes across as jealous of other artists.

So, now that I have proven that Meek doesn't give a damn about "snitches" or "rats," what is his real issue with Tekashi 6ix9ine?


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