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Megan Thee Stallion Is The First Black Woman To Grace The Cover Of Forbes 30 Under 30

Megan Thee Stallion Is First Black Woman To Grace The Cover Of Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30

Photo By Ramona Rosales For Forbes


MEGAN THEE STALLION BECOMES THE FIRST BLACK WOMAN to grace the cover of Forbes 30 Under 30 issue. She accomplished this feat just over a year after becoming the first rapper featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated's highly coveted Swimsuit issue.

Will she complete the holy trinity of "firsts" next year?

In 30 Under 30, Forbes digs all up into Megan's business by reporting she made an estimated $13M this year and highlights how she is a brand's dream, with her Super Bowl commercial exceeding expectations according to Frito-Lay's top marketing executive Stacy Taffet.

Megan Thee Movie Producer, also has a Netflix deal to develop a comedy based on her childhood.

Some music news was revealed with the article stating Megan plans to drop an album in 2023 and start a world tour. The only question is, will the album be with 1501 Entertainment or another label?

Sidenote: With this Atlantic drama, I think they may be out of the running for least, I hope.


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Nov 29, 2022

Yeah Atlantic is a NO GO

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