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Sh*t you may have missed on purpose or by accident.


50 Cent posted a screenshot of an article from The Conversation about how DAs are increasingly using rap lyrics against rappers in trials. I spoke about this slippery slope that Hip Hop Bloggers were playing with when they compared Cardi B talking about drugging and robbing men to rap lyrics.

This tactic against rappers is not new, but with the Hip Hop/news media looking for drama and clicks, they OK this bullshit with their selfish ass narratives.

50 Cent : " I told you in 03 / I do what I gotta do/I don't care if I get caught/ the DA can play this motherfuck'n tape in court"


Taylor, Taylor, Taylor...Bloggers, Bloggers, Bloggers...

Taylor Swift wrote a very "Na-na-na-na" type of response to the full-length "leaked" phone conversation between her and Kanye. I have yet to see what has changed, besides people like Taylor more than they like Kanye West at the moment.

In 2016, Kim never posted Kanye talking about the "bitch" line, and Taylor complained about it back when. However, no one liked Taylor, so blogs ran with the narrative that got the clicks.

The parts edited out the video, where the parts about Drake. Which, by the way, is way more interesting than them discussing a verse about her.

Now in 2020, a video that shows the same sh*t Kim posted, except with the Drake convo and now that proves Taylor was right...huh???


Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage" debuted on Billboard's Hot 100 at # 98 & moved up on Rolling Stone's

Top 100 to #65. The top cities streaming "Savage" according to Rolling Stone are Columbia, SC, Memphis, TN, and Jackson, MS.

The Biebers decided to join in on the #SavageChallenge fun today...LOL.


When trying to be Tekashi 69 goes wrong. Casanova has apologized for making light of the

#Coronavirus pandemic. Over the weekend, Casanova made videos of himself "outside" with his mama making light of the corona situation and he even tried to film a music video. That was shut down. Now, he has issued an apology for his actions after visiting Kings County and saw what the virus is doing to people. So, Casanova will be "inside" until further notice.


Ole Girl tells her fans to stop being xenophobic...


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The Priestessshood
The Priestessshood
24 mars 2020

You always get it right! I hot mess from A-Z. Congrats to Meg!!

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