N.O.R.E Sends Shots At Artists Who Choose Letterman, Ellen, or Oprah Over Hip Hop Media Platforms


It seems as if Cardi B's interview with David Letterman has hit a nerve with Drink Champ's head drunk N.O.R.E. On Twitter, he lamented how good he has been to the culture, called Oprah and "Gal" (Gayle) trash, and wondered why artists choose Letterman and Ellen over Hip Hop platforms like Drink Champs, Million Dollars Worth of Game, or the Joe Budden Podcast.

I do not think these platforms are having problems getting men, so I feel the comment is directed at women artists, particularly female rappers. This is too similar to Joe Budden whining about Megan Thee Stallion sitting with Gayle King.

Cardi B On David Letterman's "My Next Guest" On Netflix. NORE Tweets About Hip Hop Artists Not Doing Drink Champs.

Drink Champs is one of the best out of all the male-centered Hip Hop media shows; however, they all suck at interviewing female rappers. There is a lack of knowledge and interest, and often times these same platforms remind us why we need more Black women in Hip Hop media.

Also, I hate that these men only know how to bully or guilt trip artists into interviews instead of making your platform more appealing. If you want that women's market, then do the work. It's giving failing content creators/podcasters/Youtubers, etc.



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