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People Still Won't Admit Nicki Minaj Is Being Blackballed/ 6ix9ine Almost Shades Nicki Minaj

Last night something in my spirit told me to post about how I felt 6ix9ine was going to be made the poster child of "Blackballing in the Music Industry " all while sweeping Nicki Minaj's blackballing under the rug. It's a short read in the forum area for those interested.

I highlighted the fact that no one had an issue admitting that 6ix9ine got a No. 1 song while being blackballed. However, those same people refuse to acknowledge that Nicki Minaj accomplished two No. 1s while being blackballed. People with platforms still want to push this narrative that Nicki has "other issues." Case in point, Chipmunk.

Chipmunk, who pushes the 6ix9ine is being blackballed narrative, today said he doesn't believe Nicki Minaj is being blackballed. I get why Chipmunk is in denial because Everyday Struggle was the leading platform that fueled false narratives and promoted the label curated beef between Nicki Minaj and Ole Girl. It also helps him with his personal issues with Nicki. You see how he LIED and said that Nicki was going to expose people in the industry. She never said that. Nicki said she is going to address issues that have been going on way too long in the industry. Something she has done in the past. Akademiks reported what he WISHED Nicki had said. But, let's get back to NICKI MINAJ BEING BLACKBALLED and why the industry is pretending she is not.



The industry is comfortable admitting that 6ix9ine is being blackballed because people understand not

wanting a snitch around. So, 6ix9ine being blackballing is acceptable to fans. However, a legend like Nicki Minaj, you need a pretty damn good reason to make the public feel comfortable with her being blackballed. If the music industry had an "acceptable" reason to blackball her, the people would know by now. That is why we get a bunch of shaky denials.

So the blackballing is probably some behind the scenes industry bullsh*t over who can profit the most off of the female rap market. Some people probably felt that Nicki Minaj suffocated the room, and these rap chicks couldn't breathe with her around. Didn't Nicki say, "I ain't let'n up on you bitches, SAY UNCLE!" It probably doesn't help that Nicki is an Alpha-Female and that usually intimidates men, especially narcissists. In an industry full of narcissists, I can see men deciding to get Nicki "THA FCK, ASAP" outta here. Don't be surprised when people play Stevie Wonder when it comes to Nicki Minaj being blackballed.

Yesterday, I linked Lauryn Hill to Nicki while celebrating her No. 1 song. Today, I need to link her to another legend when talking about being blackballed, Janet Jackson. Janet Jackson paved the way for many of y'all faves and was blackballed. The blackballing was confirmed years later after Janet's career was irreversibly damaged.

P.S. I do think the blackballing has lost a lot of momentum. However, there are some still trying to make fetch happen.


I know ya'll are probably tired of reading sh*t cause I'm tired of writing sh*t. Instead of making another post about 69, I just prefer to kill two birds with one stone. My spirit is tingling again and telling me to speak on 6ix9ine's rant on Instagram Live today.

I don't know if y'all noticed that when I posted about "Trollz" going No. 1, I really just focused on Nicki

Minaj and made it about her accomplishing something only Lauryn Hill had done. I did that because I don't have anything against 6ix9ine, but I also have nothing for him. As a rap fan, I would prefer him to go away. But, as a blogger, he does provide content like he's doing now.

So, 6ix9ine was on IG Live with Chipmunk. Lil Durk was in the comment section while 69 was talking about rappers not having #1 songs. Durk wrote, "Nicki can get me a #1, I think." Instead of ignoring that remark, he lets everyone know how much Nicki is his sister, pauses, and then said, "you not even gonna make me do that." DO WHAT MUTHAFCKA?

This is giving me Fefe tease. I always felt he would turn on Nicki because he is obsessed with taking all the credit. When people started giving Nicki more credit, I would watch his IG Lives to see if he was going to turn on Nicki. He never directly went at Nicki, but he would do the same sh*t he is doing here. He let people know he doesn't think he needs Nicki, without saying it. When asked about Nicki, he should just respond, "We both did our thang," even though she carried him the same way he claims Drake carries other artists. No telling what bullsh*t AK is filling his head with.


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Queen Majesti
Queen Majesti
28. 6. 2020

I can't wait until 6ix9ine release his new song on Friday. He lost the Barbz support. So I'm curious how things are gonna pan out now. Since the people are saying he's the reason.

To se mi líbí

I saw vlad Tv whining about how Nicki and 6ixnine got their number 1 and I saw Dj booth had an article posted up speaking bout how barbs were selling nudes to get the song to number 1. You see how these men behave, highlighting her failures they are front and center, but she she achieved something and they had to find and excuse as to why is was not legit. Where was this energy for Travis Scott.

To se mi líbí

Isaac Hayes makes my ass crack itch. They won’t admit to blackballing Nicki cause they are going to look suspect.

To se mi líbí

They don’t want to admit that she was being black balled because they were right in there doing the most to try tarnish her legacy. It’s been crickets though since she got 2 #1’s. She did that with no push, no support, no radio play! I’m proud of her!

To se mi líbí

24. 6. 2020

Issac Hayes always has something negatives and disrespectful to say about black female rappers

To se mi líbí
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