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Prince From Love & Hip Hop Miami Claims He Was Forced To Settle Lawsuit Against Tory Lanez

Did Tory Lanez Threaten Prince From Love And Hip Hop Miami Over Lawsuit?

THE WHOLE WICKED SYSTEM OF KARMA is again working its magic on Daystar Peterson, known as Tory Lanez, as newly filed court documents by Prince, real name Christopher Harty, of Love & Hip Hop Miami fame, claims that the reported settlement of his lawsuit against now convicted felon for assault, battery, etc., was done under threats of violence.

According to a sworn affidavit, Tory Lanez contacted Prince about a possible settlement on June 22, 2022. The meeting included Tory Lanez, Prince, and an unnamed armed associate of Lanez who allegedly was also part of a 2020 attack on Prince at Vendome Nightclub.

Prince was presented with an agreement drafted by Tory and told not to contact his lawyer (red flag). However, when Prince pushed back about wanting his lawyer to look over the document, Tory and his associate "aggressively ordered" Prince to sign the settlement. Prince complied out of fear.

*Prince refused to name the associate due to threats (hmmm).



This is what getsss me; according to Prince, Tory Lanez allegedly represented himself at one point. This tracks with one of his lawyers quitting and another not knowing the details of this deal when it became public in December 2022. You know what they say about a person who represents themselves; they got a fool for a client.

Also, the agreement Prince allegedly was forced to sign was titled "Terminate Lawsuit Against 'Tory

Prince of Love & Hip Hop Claims Tory Lanez Threatened Him Over Lawsuit.

Lanez.' " This is according to Tory's own motion to compel, which I will touch on later. It's odd for Tory's stage name to be used in the title of a legal doc dealing with a civil matter. This could lend credence to the theory that Tory Lanez was possibly going rogue without a lawyer at that time.



Now, I bet you want to know how much Prince settled for. Well, it was for a whopping 20K. That is not a typo. But get this, when Prince first filed his lawsuit, he claimed his damages were in excess of 30K, so this 20K settlement is suspicious as fck. As we know, Tory Lanez was facing charges for shooting Megan Thee Stallion; there was no pressure, besides that gun allegedly brought to that meeting, for Prince to take a lowball offer like that.



These revelations were not out of the blue. Prince was responding to a motion filed by Tory Lanez in the middle of his criminal trial attempting to force Prince to terminate his lawsuit since he felt their agreement had been signed, sealed, and delivered.

Apparently, Prince never actually terminated his lawsuit even after Tory Lanez sent him the money, and we know why Tory Lanez needed this lawsuit off his record. What's audacious is that Tory Lanez was also seeking sanctions and lawyer fees for the inconvenience of filing his motion. I can't...

At this point, it is all just filing. The judge will decide if Prince must terminate his lawsuit on Feb. 23, a few days before Tory Lanez is sentenced for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.




Sidenote: I do not have the time or desire to forge legal documents. Even if I choose not to report on a legal matter, these docs would still exist. Get a life.


Updated 2/25 at 1:22 PM PST

Prince and Tory Lanez are still battling it out over the $20K settlement signed back in 2022. Below are the motions coming up in this case.

Tory Lanez's lawyer filed an affidavit from a UPS worker who was present when the settlement contract was notarized.

Prince's lawyer files a motion to preclude parol evidence, which prevents parties who have reduced their agreement to a final written document from later introducing other evidence, such as the content of oral discussions from earlier in the negotiation process, as evidence of a different intent as to the terms of the contract. This includes the affidavit above.

What do you think about that contract?


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