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Tory Lanez Avoids Another Trial By Paying Off Love & Hip Hop Star Prince Over Nightclub Assault Case


Multiple media outlets are reporting that Tory Lanez is avoiding his December 5th court trial for allegedly assaulting Love & Hip Hop Miami star Prince, real name Michael Harty, by agreeing to a financial settlement, aka payoff.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Lanez's new attorney revealed this "secret agreement" between Prince and Tory is part of a plea deal to remove his trial date off the court's calendar.

As we know, Tory Lanez is on an "It's Not Me, It's Them" world tour. Besides this now-settled assault case, there is still the matter of his alleged assault on singer August Alsina, and he is currently going through jury selection for allegedly shooting Grammy winner Megan Thee Stallion.

Can you ladies imagine Tory Lanez going through jury selection for shooting Megan and a trial for assaulting Prince in the same week?

I hope this story doesn't go viral, we wouldn't want jurors to see this.


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