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Tory Lanez Is Being Investigated For Assaulting August Alsina While On Tour In Chicago

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Tory Lanez Is Being Investigated For Assaulting August Alsina While On Tour In Chicago. The DA Who Is Charging Him For Shooting Megan Thee Stallion Is Looking Into The Attack.


Tory Lanez has delayed his trial for shooting Megan Thee Stallion so much; I think this clown believes he never has to go to trial. So, now he is out here showing his true colors, which has led to him being under investigation by not one but two different law enforcement agencies.

Rolling Stone has confirmed that the Los Angeles D.A. and the Chicago PD are investigating the alleged assault of August Alsina.

I must admit, I was starting to believe this was all a hoax used to promote Tory's upcoming album dropping next week. However, the Rolling Stone article and the TMZ interview with Rip Micheal, who was dumb enough to include Tory on his "Fall Back In Love..." tour, put that to rest. Rip confirmed the assault happened and claims Tory was apologetic when they spoke. But that did not stop Rip from kicking Tory off the tour.

So, let's recap, Tory Lanez is not only facing felony assault charges for shooting Megan Thee Stallion but is still embroiled in a lawsuit stemming from allegations that he sucka-punched Prince from Love & Hip Hop Miami. To make matters worse, the lawyer representing Tory, in that case, asked to be removed due to "irreconcilable differences," and now he has this incident.

Has anyone checked on Shawn Holley?

Is Tory trying to lose another attorney so he can further delay his trial due to needing to find new counsel? Or am I giving him too much credit, and this was just him again allowing his fragile ego to get the best of him because he did not want the story of August Alsina son'n him to get out?


Tory Lanez Being Investigated By Los Angeles DA and Chicago PD For Assaulting August Alsina.



The full video of the altercation still has not been released, making me suspect that TSims Films does not have the actual footage of the fight, or he is trying to sell the video to the highest bidder (Looking at you, Tory).

But even without the complete footage, we can clearly see that August was not being aggressive while

Did Tory Lanez Pay To have Fight With August Alsina Removed?

eating his chips. Instead, he was simply on some "I DON'T FCK WIT YOU" time and walked past Tory Lanez. When the video cuts, we see Tory Lanez looking all hot and bothered looking to confront August Alsina, and then later, with an evil grin on his face walking through the building, giving out high 5s.

We should know how bad it is for Tory, given how his mouthpieces are using the same playbook from the shooting incident. "August Alsina was being aggressive." Where have we heard that before? Oh, when a story was planted that Megan was being violent and the aggressor before she was shot. In both incidents, Tory left with no injuries, while August and Megan ended up in the hospital.

August was sucka-punched, and Megan was shot at while her back was turned. A pattern is developing with Tory Lanez.

Audio Courtesy of GOTC, who is windmilling like a mofo for Tory Lanez

The above audio does not sound like August pressing Tory Lanez, it sounds like August was annoyed Tory confronted him over some bullshit.


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