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Rewind Wednesday: Star Fired From Power 105 After Verbally Attacking DJ Envy's Wife and Daughter

2006 ratings feud between media personalities Star and DJ Envy, revealing a dark side of media beefs.




We are used to discussing Rap beefs, but some of the most memorable beefs may actually come courtesy of media personalities. Due to Angie Martinez's book, "My Voice: A Memoir" we know about her windmilling

Star2006 ratings feud between media personalities Star and DJ Envy, revealing a dark side of media beefs.

on Wendy Williams. After Wendy's biopic, everyone gossiped about the hit put out on Miss Jones. But, one feud I was unaware of, but I am sure many New Yorkers remember, is the 2006 ratings feud between Star and DJ Envy.

On May 12th, 2006, Star, now of The Star Report, was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child after threatening to abuse DJ Envy's 4-year-old daughter sexually on air.

The arrest stemmed from a May 3rd broadcast of the infamous "Star & Buc Wild Morning Show" on Clear

Channel's Power 105.1 FM, where Star took to the airwaves to unleash a racially and sexually charged verbal assault upon DJ Envy's wife and daughter.

While speaking on DJ Envy's wife Gia Casey, who is part Asian, Star told his listeners, "I finally got the information on his slant-eyed, whore wife." He also went for the low-hanging fruit that all men go for when mad by allegeding Gia had trains ran on her.

Star then took aim at DJ Envy's daughter by offering $500 to any listener who can tell him what school DJ Envy's 4-year-old daughter attended. He called her a "little half a lo mein eater" and broadcasted to DJ Envy and the world that he wanted to "do an R. Kelly on your seed, on your little baby girl. I would like to tinkle on her." He also made a very disgusting reference to mayonnaise.

Star ended up getting a ton of backlash, and the station fired him. On top of that, the Hate Crimes Unit launched an investigation after reviewing the show's transcripts. Star was charged and arrested for child endangerment. There was speculation that DJ Envy's father, a cop, was the reason behind the probe.

Eventually, the charges were dropped. Star then tried to sue Clear Channel, and that lawsuit was thrown out. Needless to say, DJ Envy won that feud.



While reading up on that story, it reminded me of how Star, after being hired by Everyday Struggle, had to go on air and apologize to Nadeska for saying, "I would like to jerk off on her leg, that's a hot bitch" on another one of his shows. There is definitely an M.O. pattern with this guy😶.

People love to dig up dirt on rappers/singers, but if you look at the men in the media, the same men who create narratives for women in the industry, you're going to find some disturbing is disgusting dirt.


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