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Tamika Mallory Talks Tory Lanez Apology Text

Tamika Mallor Defends Megan Thee Stallion In Tory Lanez Felony Assault Case.


So, I caught Tamika Mallory's IG Live today, and she was discussing the false reporting about Megan Thee Stallion's medical records. She debated people who insisted Megan was not shot and the doctors lied.

But, what I wanted to talk about was how she got into the apology text sent by Tory Lanez. Someone said something, so she got her friend and presented her with a scenario of Megan being caught by Kelsey

fck'n, her man (Tory) behind her back. But Tory is sending an apology text to Megan. It made no sense to Tamika or her friend.

I was like...YES!

Tory claiming he was apologizing for fck'n two best friends never made sense. If this love triangle is how people say it was where Megan "snaked" Kelsey, then why would Tory be texting her an apology to Megan when she was in on it with him? Shouldn't they both be saying sorry to Kelsey?

Remember Shawn Holley revealing that Tory told a cop he was just trying to protect his girl. Well, Kelsey would be his girl, and the jury would love to know what he did to protect his girl.

But anyway, I wish I had recorded Tamika's Live, but I was driving when I caught it. I am glad that people are catching on that Tory's narratives make no sense. People are so busy going over Megan's consistent story while ignoring the man with the charges.

Sidenote: Tamika said she plans to go Live every time someone puts out a false story about Megan not being shot. She does not get into who shot Megan, but she wants people to understand that Megan was shot.


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