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The "F" Stands For Federal As Lil Wayne Faces A Weapons Charge That Can Get Him 10 Years In Prison


I still cannot believe this happened?

I guess the "F" stands for FEDS, because Lil Wayne got hit with federal weapon charges that can get the legend 10 years in prison.

This all stems from an incident on December 23, 2019, when authorities searched LIl Wayne's private plane after it arrived in Miami. A gold-plated handgun was located in Wayne's luggage and he admitted it was his, despite being a convicted felon.

This is what arrogance gets you. He should have never claimed that gun. Wayne should have started speaking Pig-Latin and refused to answer any questions.

Wayne is scheduled for court next month


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20 Νοε 2020

He better ask his new friend Trump to help him.

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