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The Music Industry Is Still Helping Cardi B: From Payola To Payoffs

Cardi B's hit single 'UP' sparks controversy as accusations of stolen hooks, beats, and catchphrases emerge. Mir Pesos and Mir Fontaine claim she copied their song 'Stuck,' supported by Ebro and BET. Is this a case of bribery or validation? As Cardi's team plays their cards, the media remains loyal, shielding her from critical scrutiny. Will this latest scandal tarnish her ascent?


When Cardi B dropped her single "UP," it immediately got the attention of several rappers who accused her of stealing the hook, beat, or flow. She even got called out for using another female rapper's catchphrase. That was not the reaction that Cardi B or Atlantic Records was looking for in their attempt to prove that she can get another solo hit.

New Jersey artists Mir Pesos and Mir Fontaine accused Cardi of copying their song "Stuck." While Cardi B

Ebro Trying To Cover Up Allegations Of Cardi B Stealing Music

argued she did not know these rappers, it was later revealed that one of the producers on "UP," DJ SwanQo, not only follows Mir Fontaine but produced a song he was featured on. After that link was exposed, it doesn't take a genius to realize that Pesos and Fontaine probably had a case.

So what happens next?

Ebro starts playing "Stuck" while highlighting Cardi B's song being #1 on Apple Music. How you play a stolen song and then promote the alleged thief without any commentary is beyond me. However, Ebro found a way to do it.

Along with support from Ebro, it was announced BET JAMS will premiere the rappers' "Stuck" music video today.




Now, I am happy and want Mir Pesos and Mir Fontaine to get all they can get from this; however, I gotta call it as I see it. This looks like a form of bribery. They are not getting direct hush money but instead receiving favors that will lead to money. Tell me, if not for there being some validity to their claims and proving a connection between them and Cardi B, would "Stuck" be played on either of those platforms? If the answer is "NO," then my suspicions are valid.

What else would propel them to the top of Ebro and BET's priority list out of all the artists fighting to be heard? It can't just be the allegation alone because these are not uncommon accusations against female rappers.



Ebro Interviewing Cardi B and Being A Media Support During Her Rise In Female Rap.

I know, I know, it's not Cardi directly doing anything. However, what benefit is it to Ebro or BET to promote these artists' music? Obviously, Cardi can't pay them the way she did Kodak because that is an admission of guilt. Ole Girl is on a mission to get credit as a writer and real rapper, despite past claims she did not care about that stuff. This will add another blemish to her already questionable come-up.

It is not unheard of for the media to go out of their way to assist Cardi B. Do I have to remind anyone about the fiasco with BET after Cardi won her Grammy? Wasn't it on Ebro's show where Cardi B started the speculation about a big mean female rapper not being nice to her on the red carpet?

Cardi and her team are still playing Queen's Gambit, and that includes shutting down anyone who has anything negative to say about Ole Girl. I'm not on my third IG page for no reason. Cardi's team does not want any bad press that might make people start to listen to her music with a critical ear and judge her the same way they do the Black girls.

Ole Girl already knows most blogs won't speculate on this because Gawwwd forbids Cardi no longer responds to their text, DM, or pat them on the head, so they feel as special as the other 200 bloggers; she shows the same attention to.


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3 comentários

22 de fev. de 2021

A team of thieves is what Cardi has.


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
21 de fev. de 2021

@Kimro, it's obvious that if I don't document the bullshit going on with Cardi B, then no one will. Just like the beef with Nicki Minaj was curated, so is the "history of female rap. People want Cardi B's rise to be remembered one way when in reality we know it's another.


21 de fev. de 2021

I'm glad you have been keeping up with this. Everything you said is true.

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