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Cardi B and Patientce Foster Are Running A Queen's Gambit On Female Rap



I was asked my thoughts on TSR posting Cardi B. Instead of keeping my opinion private, I decided this would be a good topic to further dissect Cardi B's relationship with blogs.

First off, I don't pay attention to TSR, so I did not even know they started posting her again. But, considering she has made peace with other blogs she's attacked, this is not really shocking. She is playing chess, or should I say Patientce is playing chess for her.

I confirmed that TSR did, in fact, post her and somehow avoided a rant from the girl who barked, "Press, Press, Press, Press, Press...Cardi don't need no press."

TSR posted about Ole Girl landing a lead role in a movie. However, what caught my attention was that The Tomi Lahren Whisperer, AKA Charlamagne was all up in the comments. He's been supporting her hard ever since that Bodak Yellow telethon on TBC. I also noticed that Cardi's publicist, guru, advisor, creative director, and Queen maker, Patientce Foster, was in the comments too. So, that confirms there is no longer an issue, for now, between Ole Girl and TSR.




Now, I have made no secret that I am suspicious of Cardi B's relationship with blogs. It's not because I think there should be a negative relationship between blogs and celebrities. I actually believe both sides can use each other in a mutually beneficial way.

However, too often, when it comes to Ole Girl, blogs ignore her shenanigans while going out of their way to trash other female rappers. I hate that sabotage shit.

But no matter what type of relationship Cardi ends up having with TSR, kiss-ass or mutually beneficial, this was a smart play by Cardi B, or should I say Patientce?

Patientce glow up is impressing me. She went from a clown who cursed out an elderly couple in

Australia and a fool who opted to film Cardi B's attack on another female rapper instead of preventing it; to a woman who has Ole Girl moving like she is Drake.

Cardi has an album dropping this year, and unlike with IOP, this album will not have a curated beef and low expectations to help it. Winning a Grammy brings along expectations for future projects. This album must do BETTER than IOP. Atlantic knows this, and that is why I think Patientce was welcomed back.

Brokering a cordial relationship between Cardi and the gossip blogs was a chess move that put success before Ole Girl's ego. I do not see Cardi making this move without Patientce. Patientce is the Queen Maker, and by "Queen," I do not mean the Queen of Rap. I am talking about the Queen of Propaganda.

Patience understands that fans want a good story to latch on to, so she creates one for Cardi. She also understands that blogs want to be the first to tell that story. While Cardi's approach is "suck my dick," Patientce seems like someone who knows how to nurture relationships. Offering blogs exclusives, Cardi commenting under posts, or access to get a story confirmed/denied is something blogs would not want to lose by reporting an unfavorable truth or rumor.

2021 in female rap will be very interesting because success is not about who is the best rapper or entertainer; it's about who can control their own narrative the best. Patientce does not allow blogs to control Ole Girl's narrative. They are only used to tell the story Patientce and Cardi wants.

Like when it comes to Cardi B rapping, you may see her sitting in front of the chessboard, but it's Patientce moving the pieces.


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*This is longer than I expected, but at a later date I may point out one of the reasons Cardi and Patientce are running a Queen's Gambit all over female rap and what move can take their Queen.

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I agree @fck_yaya. Patience is running the show. Problem is unless CB has grown, she will run her mouth again. She can't help it. What Patience is creating is not CB's true self. When its fake eventually the mask falls off.


Feb 03, 2021

One thing I did notice with her fav/bff blog, HU, haven't posted Ole Girl in a while. I seen someone say it in a chat, so I went to look for myself and didn't see anything. I went as far back as a week ago and nothing. Usually they post her outfits "hot or not" or just her being on the innanet and nothing was there. It may not be anything, but for a blog that always post her every move to not posting nothing seems odd. She claim she told TSR not to post about her music maybe she told them as well. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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