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Tory Lanez May Be Heading Back To Court Next Week

Updated: Jan 9

Tory Lanez Gets New Court Date After Conviction


So, I am looking up Tory Lanez's information to see if there are any changes to his upcoming court date. While checking his inmate information sheet, I noticed along with his Jan. 27th sentencing date, there is an additional court date of Jan. 10th under his case number, but with "RM" added at the end.

This new date is not on the court's website calendar, but that could be due to slow updating. I have no idea what this hearing could be, but we know he and his people are probably trying to get him probation over prison time, AKA the Ebro special.

When I tried looking up what "RM" could mean, one post said it could be an attempt at a 17(b) Penal Code Motion where a judge decides to reduce felony charges to misdemeanors even after a conviction. In Tory's case, this motion would typically be heard at his sentencing, but maybe his lawyers got a separate hearing if this guess is correct.

Now, this is just something I read on a question board. I am SPECULATING. This could be nothing, but I am watching everything until Tory Lanez is sentenced.


Update: 1/8 at 11:46 PM PST

Meghann Cuniff reports whatever this court date is probably will not be in front of Judge Herriford...hmmmm. Also, Tory Lanez got a new lawyer, which is not shocking.

Some DM'd me saying the hearing could be about false evidence. I don't even remember what evidence Tory Lanez's side offered, so this could be a throw-something-at-the-wall attempt by the defense. Maybe they are arguing against social media posts...who knows.

We will find out next week. I am not stressing over this. Like most people convicted, they do all they can to find a loophole.

Another quickie update:

Meghann Cuniff adds more context as to what could be going on. Like I told someone privately, this could be the DA still going after Tory. He really did try playing in everyone's face. But, again, we do not know, and I refuse to drive myself crazy on this nice Sunday.


Updated 1/9 at 11:08 PM PST

I am cracking up at this post causing so much drama. I just wanted to know what "RM" meant LOL. Anyways, Nancy Dillon has confirmed that tomorrow is just to confirm his new lawyer, David Kenner, who will be handling Tory's appeal.

I feel like Kenner is another lawyer who will play more to the court of public opinion and not the evidence. Giving false hope to Tory Lanez supporters.


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