Tory Lanez Plays Cottonmouth Defense Attorney While Avoiding Telling What Happened Night Of Shooting

Last night, Daystar Peterson AKA Tory "Cotton Mouth" Lanez, fresh off his beef with Rick Ross, decided he would get on Instagram LIVE to plead his case to potential jurors. While Megan Thee Stallion chose to tell us what happened on that fateful night from her perspective and without cotton mouth, Tory took the opposite approach. Daystar opted not to detail how Megan Thee Stallion ended up in the hospital getting bullet shrapnel taken out of her feet. Instead, he wanted to play part psychologist, lawyer, and foot doctor by breakdown Megan's mind state, downplaying her injuries, responding to TMuthfcknZ stories, whining about people turning against him, and announcing plans to bring back Quarantine Radio. Oh, and he wanted to know how "Protect Black Women" turned into not protecting Black men. Um…he should ask his supporters about that.

Tory spent a lot of time rambling, referencing news stories, and going over Megan's statements while avoiding telling his side of what happened that night or identifying the "real" shooter. The confident Tory that y'all see in the music videos was gone, and a desperate man grasping for straws and water was before us. That cotton mouth was a mofo...LOL.

Since he really did not say anything new, I will address things that stood out to me.

1. Tory Lanez claims that he received a phone call from Roc Nation two days after the TMuthfcknZ report on July 15th and was “advised” not to make his PLANNED statement on his arrest. As we know, Tory never made a statement to his fans.

Tory Lanez, who is known for having a big mouth, expects people to believe that Roc Nation called him up, told him not to make his statement, and he obeyed??? The incident occurred on July 12th; it’s now Oct. 20th, which is the first time we have heard Tory SPEAK on this issue. Albums where people can use “artistic license” like Drake don't count, even though it can be used in court. Why didn’t Tory, who is spending a lot of time trying to frame Roc Nation for his problems, just tell them to eat a d*ck and address his fans back in July? No, he waits until he looks like a weirdo at McDonald’s to start becoming a chatty-patty again. Everything he is doing now, he could have done three months ago. Tory claims he did not know for the two days between the TMuthfcknZ report and the release of the video of them being pulled over by the cops why he couldn’t make a statement. However, he knew enough to stay off social media. Why didn’t he continue his regular-degular routine after “Diddy Boppin” out of jail if he was so oblivious as to why this incident was a big deal? Also, him repeating TMuthfcknZ stories when he could have just told us what happened is a red flag and a waste of time.

This Roc Nation narrative needs some cleaning up. You can't brag about owning your own masters, but you allow Roc Nation to be your master when you're the prime suspect in a shooting. He doesn't explain why he listened to Roc Nation, who he has no connection to that I know of.

2. Tory claims he is a person who has never had domestic cases, he has never hit a woman, never had abusive cases with a woman.

While that may be technically true that he has never been charged with a domestic case that we know of, there have been allegations of abuse. As we know women don't always make formal reports, so that doesn't mean it did not happen. Past incidents with women can be brought even if no formal charges have occurred. We also know he is willing to weave together a false story to make himself look a certain way from the colorism incident he was involved in.

3. Tory M.D. questions the photos of Megan's foot and whines about not seeing a bullet tray lol.

This is where Tory looked his most guilty. If he is so innocent instead of wondering about where bullet trays are, why not let us know when and how Megan started bleeding? He did acknowledge that Meg was bleeding out of her feet. Soooo, he should know how that happened. Did she start bleeding at Kylie's house, while in the SUV....let us know? He is trying to tell Megan' story because he is too afraid to tell his own.

4. Tory At Law questions Megan's narrative...

This is when it becomes too obvious that he is playing to potential jurors and that he is going to try to "prove" there was no "intent" to the court of public opinion because the burden will be on the D.A. when his trial starts. Remember, in the forum area I told y'all that every crime as elements and you must meet every element to prove your case. In Tory's 245PC charge the 4 elements are:

  1. The defendant committed an act with a deadly weapon that by its nature would directly and most likely result in the application of force on another person OR the defendant did not use a weapon but used force likely to produce great bodily injury

  2. The defendant acted willfully / acted intentionally.

  3. When the defendant acted, he or she was aware of facts that would cause a reasonable person to realize that their act would directly and probably result in the application of force to another

  4. AND when the defendant acted, he or she had the present ability to use force on a person.

No one needs to actually have been injured by the defendant’s act, but an injury can be considered evidence that the defendant actually committed the assault.

I don't remember Megan using the word "willfully." She said that what was done was intended to hurt her. Tory is out here speaking like a lawyer even though he is spending lots of money on one of the top attorneys in California.

I already spoke about Megan walking away when shot and that when she turned around she could have seen Tory with the gun. When she got back in the SUV I am sure the other 3 were talking, so she can hear who was the shooter. There was a story that Tory said, "Dance, Bitch" before shooting at Megan.

Tory Lanez needs to tell us what he saw while Megan's back was turned.

This LIVE was done I think to clear the way for him to do Quarantine Radio. He said much more than what I posted but it was all jibba-jabba raw like Shabba.

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