Tory Lanez's "Sorry 4 What" Outsells DaBaby, But Still Flops With Only 22K Sales

Tory Lanez's "Sorry 4 What" Album Flops With 22K Sales After Lying ABout No Playlisting.


Tory Lanez's FLOPS again as Hits Daily Double reports his latest album, "Sorry 4 What," is projected to sell 22K (1,300 pure sales) in the first week. At least he outsold DaBaby, the man who ruined his whole career by fck'n with him. The Tory Lanez curse lives on!

Despite the latest narrative being spun by Tory, Akademiks, and all the other desperate content creators, Tory Lanez DID have playlisting, at least on Apple Music. Apple also gave him great placement by showing his album first in new music.

This makes me wonder if that whole Ebro vs. Akademiks thing was staged because Ebro went on Rap Life and said we should feel sorry for Tory. Now, Tory drops an album, "Sorry 4 What." Was Ebro already setting us up for this project?

Hey, let me have my Lil conspiracy moment.

Also, Tory's constant need to show people he still has friends is pathetic. You can tell he craves acceptance. But I don't get why he thinks having friends erases what he is accused of doing. Everyone knows Hip Hop is a safe haven for abusers, so Tory Lanez should have plenty of friends. But unfortunately, that does not change the reality of his charges and that Hip Hop needs cleansing, and we are starting with him.

Below is Tory celebrating his Apple Music #1.

Akademiks needs to stop trying to do the PR game.


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