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XXL Magazine Introduces Their Official Voting Board For Their 2022 Awards


If you have any gripes with who wins at the XXL Awards in 2022, don't blame them, just blame the new official voting board, which includes industry A&Rs, managers, marketing experts, producers, DJs, publicists, and artists.

Some board members include Lil Kim, P of QC, Gee Roberson, DJ Drama, Sylvia Rhone, Ethiopia Habtemariam, Mona-Scott Young, and more. While XXL will still pick the nominees for their awards, this board will be the ones who choose the winner.

This seems to be an attempt to mimic the Grammy process and maybe add legitimacy to their awards because I don't think I have ever really cared who won an XXL Award. I only hear about the Freshman List.


Will they replace the Grammys or end up like Rolling Stone when they tried competing with Billboard?


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