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Brittany Renner Confronts Fresh & Fit On DJ Akademiks' Podcast

Credit: DJ Akademiks - Off The Record Podcast

DJ Akademiks, who is still milking this battle of the sexes' content, has invited Brittany "Scallywag" Renner to confront Fresh & Fit on his podcast.

First, insert record scratch, are we sure this is not Mariah The Scientist? 😳

Anyways, If y'all recall, Fresh & Fit went viral after Asian Doll walked off their show when one of the hosts started disrespecting a Black woman and then tried getting "fresh" with her. That led to the internet sleuths digging up past videos of these dusties disrespecting Black women in general.

Now comes Akademiks with this battle of the sexes showdown. Anyone who frequents Clubhouse knows this low-hanging fruit content leads nowhere. Considering the source, this is probably staged and just a blatant attempt to get women to tune in. As much as these men sit around whining about us, we are the most loyal and engaging demographic out there, and they know it.

So, even though I like how Brittany is coming at those fools, she is probably just another prop, and I will not be watching. Y'all can let me know if anything needs to be addressed.


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