Brooklyn Woman, Zendi, Accuses Rapper Fivio Foreign Of Sexual Assault

"I did not want to fck him"

A Brooklyn woman nicknamed Zendi made some serious allegations against drill rapper Fivio Foreign. She accused Fivio Foreign, real name Maxi Lee Ryles, of sexual assault and told her story on Instagram Live.

According to Zendi, she was riding to the studio with one of Fivio's homeboys. When Fivio saw her, he said, "I been wanted you. I seen you on Live when your car crashed." He then told her that she is his bitch now. Zendi said things were cool and they were kissing.

Later that night, the group goes to the crib (unknown whose crib). Zendi said while she is in a room, Fivio comes in and locks the door. As they are lying down, he starts touching her. She tells him to get off her and screams for her friend; however, the music is so loud no one can hear her.

Alleged bruise made by Fivio Foreign

Fivio penetrates her with his fingers, and she tells him this feels like rape. Fivio's alleged response is, "Bitch; I will rape you right now." Zendi then shows the bruises Fivio allegedly gave her while they were struggling.

Fivio only got off her after the other guests finally heard her screams and came into the room to see what was wrong. Zendi asked Fivio what you mean, "I'll rape you right now." Fivio responded by telling her,

"That's what I do to my bitches. Like, you're my bitch-bitch. Shut the fuck up and sit down."

Zendi then claims a gun was pulled out on her, and she was told she could get out if she ain't with it.

She claims she spoke out to warn women about Fivio and his crew. Her friend even claimed to have a similar incident happen to her.

Back in October, police arrested Fivio Foreign for allegedly assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, Jasmine. Jasmine denied the rumors of abuse.

Fivio Foreign has not responded to the most recent allegations of sexual assault as of this post. However, per TSR his team denies these allegations or that he carries a gun.

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