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Cardi B Shows Love To Paparazzi After Video Edit / Is Patientce Foster Taking Shots At Becalis?




A few days ago, I reported on Cardi B and Offset getting caught tipping off the paparazzi to their location while shopping in West Hollywood. The Hollywood Fix, who was the one who snitched on the couple, found a conscious or a bag😉 and decided to change their headline and edit the incriminating video. I posted the link to their video, so they still get views and now the original video is nowhere to be found. Lesson learned.

Well, is it coincidental that Cardi B not only posted a photo from that day but also tagged paparazzo Daniel Poersch? He posted the photo to his personal page, which does not have any other celeb photos, with the caption, "Got the chance to photograph these two champions shopping the Fairfax District." I'm sure you did, Daniel.





Back in April was the last time I spoke on the Queen maker AKA Patientce Foster when her feature in Ebony Magazine was scrapped. In that interview, she revealed why she left Cardi B, "All my sacrifices resulted in no real equity or ownership."

Well, today, Patience's posted something interesting on her IG story. In response to the viral story on Lebron James and Rich Paul, she wrote, "Some of y'all avoid empowering the people around you because you fear they will leverage a level of success that will surpass your own or that they will leverage enough success that they will begin to feel they no longer need you." Patientce still bitter over her fallout with Cardi B???


What are y'all thoughts?


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