Drake Takes Shots At Kanye West On New Trippie Redd Song "Betrayal"

Updated: Aug 23, 2021




Drake is back to taking shots at Kanye, not Pusha T, for attention. On Trippie Redd's song "Betrayal," Drake raps:

"Niggas prayin' that I spare 'em like a bowling lane (Woo, woo)

Yeah, like Mike (Like Mike)

Corleone (Corleone), sporty flow (Sporty flow)

I done done it all, it's like I'm Shawty Lo (Shawty)

All these fools I'm beefin' that I barely know

Forty-five, forty-four (Burned out), let it go

Ye ain't changin' shit for me, it's set in stone

Rollin' stones, heavy stones (PinkGrillz)

Precious stone, let me make my presence known

Drake is clearly stirring the pot, so when Ye sprays his ass with that holy water on Donda, I don't want to hear any crying from his fanboys in the media. Whenever anyone speaks on Drake, then all over Twitter, it's about how people use Drake for clout. But, whenever Drake name drops, it's accepted as being part of Hip Hop.

Let's think about this; as we wait for Certified Lover Boy, Drake is taking shots at Kanye on a fck'n Trippie Redd song. I mean, if this doesn't highlight how insecure Kanye makes Drake, then what will?




Longtime collaborator, Consequence wasted no time responding when he tweeted: "I DO NOT DO SUBS." Then followed it up with "Fuck a Betrayal It's the Disrespect for me dawg Wit Trippie Redd Shotgun Respect My Team It's Party Time."

Now, back in July, Consequence tweeted, "We looking for @drake drop date @THEREALSWIZZZ. Line It Up!!! #DropYaLo. So, he's been wanting smoke with Drake. I'm just waiting for Chubbs to post a threat.

I thought Karen Civil said Drake and Ye made up??? I'm not feeling the love.


UPDATED 8/21 at 1:25 PM PST

Kanye is with the shits. People are claiming that Ye just added Pusha T to a group that Drake is in. Pusha T is ready, LOL.


UPDATED: 8/23 at 7:54 AM PST

Last not was amusing. Kanye doxxed Drake and Drake posted a video of him showing every tooth in his mouth. Y'all know that fake smile/laugh he does.

Both are benefitting from this beef because interest in their albums went up...sorta. I mean "Donda" probably isn't going to change into a Drake diss album. So, you are either into Kanye's sound or not. However, Drake is known to change his albums to fit a beef. He did that with Scorpion and it did not work. Yes, he got his streams, but many people complained about it being too long and only liking half the songs. He can laugh, but unless he is dropping this Friday...it looks like he is laughing to keep from crying.


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