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I Finally Read Doja Cat's Rolling Stone Interview


OMG...I am finally writing about this Doja Cat interview done by Rolling Stone. There are only two parts I would like to address: is she a rapper and Dr. Luke.


In the interview, where clearly they were told to use the word "versatility," Rolling Stone addressed the debate on if she is a rapper, but they framed it as a discussion happening within Hip Hop. Well, I tend to agree with Doja when she framed the discussions as one "that children on Twitter like to have, but nobody in the real world really cares to talk about." But Doja Cat, who the reporter noted the criticism does wound her, also added, "Anyone who says that I'm not a rapper is in denial; they don't know what they're talking about."

Now, I preferred her response to a similar question during her interview with SZA because it seemed more based on reality. Doja Cat is a multi-genre artist, and while she does rap, what is making her popular is her Pop music. No different than Lizzo, who also rapped, but her Pop music made her popular. So, to

Doja Cat Talks Being A Rapper In Rolling Stone Magazine.

deny that her Pop side is getting her the Grammy nods and awards is making me agree with those who claim that Doja Cat and her team do not think she can compete with the Pop girls. Hence, she wants to be considered a rapper without making rap music because that is the easier path for wins with her having a Pop fanbase. It's the Post Malone blueprint.

Her fans often try to use Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Laury Hill as examples as to why she should be considered a rapper. However, they don't seem to understand that all of those artists firmly established themselves as RAPPERS (freestyles, cyphers, dealing with the urban chitlin circuit, Hip Hop fans) before branching off. There is a reason Nicki Minaj got accused of "crossing over" or "selling out." Has anyone ever accused Doja Cat of "crossing over" the way they do to Megan Thee Stallion and Latto when they make a more Pop sound? No, because you can't cross over to what you already are. Doja Cat needs to "crossover" to Hip Hop. Doja is not expected to promote her projects on urban media like the other girls, who, if they don't, will get bashed for ignoring Black platforms.

Now, I have no problem considering Doja a female rapper, but since I don't think she has had a Rap era, I don't judge her like the girls who are dropping rap albums. If you look at someone I love, Ms. Lauryn Hill, she is someone MCs respect. She came up rapping and doing all the regular Hip Hop stuff, but she could also sing. So, when she did her solo album, she dropped an album with more R&B elements than Hip Hop, so it was classified as R&B. L-Boogie won R&B awards, except for when it came to "Lost One," which I think won in a rap category. But, that did not make her any less of a rapper because she was not in rap categories. It just proved how DIVERSE Lauryn Hill is. So, if Doja Cat wants to live up to that "diverse" label that her fans have used to separate her from her peers, then drop a RAP ALBUM and really show us.



Doja Cat Talks Dr Luke In Rolling Stone Interview

1- I don't understand why it's so hard to just give a hard "No" when asked if you will work with Dr. Luke, especially if you have a choice. Even in Saweetie's response, she was not as clear as I had wished she'd be. I guess having a hit song is just too hard to resist.

2- Doja Cat not being clear on if Dr. Luke is taking credit he does not deserve is weird. He either is or isn't? DON'T CRY WOLF


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