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Madonna Attends Gervonta Davis Fight With Newest Sugar Baby Tory Lanez


Pimp'n ain't easy, but Madonna makes it look that way as she showed up to the Gervonta Davis V. Rolando Romero fight at Barclays Center this past weekend with her son David Banda and rumored new sugar baby Tory Lanez.

It's only been a month since Madonna reportedly broke off her 3-year relationship with former sugar baby Ahlamalik Williams. But, you know what they say, you can't keep a cougar down. So, it was no surprise when Madonna showed up to the fight with another much younger Black guy, but it was a shock when that fresh new booty turned out to be "Mr. chitty-chitty bang-bang" Tory Lanez.

The couple caught a lot of people off guard, not for the unusual pairing, cause we know how Madonna loves her Black boys. But due to the original "Material Girl" publicly calling out the mimic singer for illegally sampling her 1985 hit song "Into The Groove" on his flop project "Alone At Prom" back in December 2021.

Madonna and Tory Lanez clearly enjoyed each other's company and the attention while at the fight. At one point, Madonna and Tory hid behind her large fan to get some private time.

I wonder if she gave him a nice sloppy kiss like she did Drake?

Tory Lanez Shows Up to Gervonta Davis Fight With Madonna. The Rumored Couple Has People Talking About the Time Madonna Grossed Out Drake By Kissing Him.

Tory Lanez is saying that the two are just working together on music. But, some speculate that just like a hoe has to work off her debt to her pimp, Daystar Peterson is working off how much he would have owed Madonna if she had sued his ass and probably doing a Lil extra👅 to help with his current legal fees.

I bet even Yung Miami is side-eyeing this situation.

Madonna was just named the 4th most generous sugar-mama, and I am sure Tory Lanez is enjoying all her generosity.


Sidenote: Madonna's 16-year-old son, David Banda, refused to play the backseat to his mama and new stepdaddy's antics. Where is the runway?


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I don’t think she’s messing with Tory. They probably are making music together. Who knows. I just hope he’s not doing any Kabala stuff with her. That’ll be a bad move for him.


What's Kabala?


The son ate they nasty asses up. He look a mess and she is a mess.

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