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Meek Mill sat down with Charlamagne the God for an interview, billed as "A Conversation Between Champions." In the aftermath of Juice Wrld's unexpected death, many artists are speaking out about the drug use within Hip Hop. Meek opened up about his past pill addiction by admitting, "I’ve taken 10, 30 Percocets a day.” Meek alluded that his pill addiction played a role in his beef with Drake.

"If you ask me about why I came at Drake, I don't fck'n really, really, really, know. Everybody be saying Nicki and sh*t. That wasn't the case." - Meek Mill




Meek Mill calls out DJ Akademiks during an interview with Charlamagne.

  • This was not an interview between "champions". This was a Grammy push for Jay-Z's pet project. We will be seeing a lot of artists trying to appeal to Grammy voters. So, get ready to do a lot of eye-rolling.

  • We saw why Roddy Ricch was not interested in signing to Meek. Meek said that his label, Dreamchasers, already has about 15 artists signed. When asked why he has so many artists, instead of grooming them one at a time, Meek said,

"We gonna groom them one at a time, we just LOCK'N THEM IN. We doing it like record labels doing it. We ain't doing [mumble]. Record labels probably got 150 people signed to their label, but you only know seven of them. They LOCKED THEM IN, they signed them early before it becomes a battle."

*Keep in mind that Meek is signed to Atlantic Records



Ok, I am stealing a Delorean and going back to September 2019. I need all ya'll to squeeze y'all asses into this vehicle so you can see the exact moment chipmunk fck'd up.

Meek Mills Calls Out DJ Akademiks For Lying.

Back in September, Chipmunk A.K.A. DJ Akademiks went on a drunken rant as to why Drake does not like Nicki Minaj. According to his "sources," which nowaday a source can be a tweet, he said Nicki Minaj not only instigated the beef between Drake and Meek, but she was behind Quentin Miller being jumped by Dreamchasers.

"No one woman should have all that power."

Well, according to Meek, Nicki Minaj is not the reason he went at Drake. In the interview, Meek came off like he didn't even want to back his own artists, so I know damn well he is not trying to protect Nicki Minaj. Let's not forget that Rick Ross fell back on his assumptions that Nicki Minaj caused the beef. Are we to believe that Akademiks knows more than Meek, Rick Ross, & DJ Drama?

The narrative that Nicki Minaj instigated the beef between Drake and Meek has already been debunked. Chipmunk was grasping for straws, and Meek's interview took his last straw. The truth is that there have been several "sources" that have said that the beef was not instigated by Drake because he was in love

with Nicki. Drake thought he would get with her after she dumped Safaree. He started being passive-aggressive towards Meek out of jealousy. But, we know Akademiks would never repeat that about his boy-crush.



I want to address the allegations that Nicki Minaj is the reason Quentin Miller got jumped. It was not brought up in the Meek interview, but it is apart of the accusations that chipmunk made in the same video. Let's dead all his allegations right now. Ya'll knows I like playing Clue, so let's get our game pieces and see if Nicki Minaj is guilty of getting Quentin Miller jumped with the "wrench" in the "conservatory."

Meek Mill Calls Out DJ Akademiks For Lying.

DJ Akademiks (Colonel Mustard) interviewed Quentin Miller (Professor Plum) on Everyday Struggle back in 2018. Everyone knows that Colonel Mustard loves asking artists about the gossip he hears. Most of Quentin's interview was around the ghostwriting and being jumped by Meek. Never did Colonel Mustard ask Professor Plum about Nicki Minaj (Mrs. Peacock). We know that DJ Akademiks is obsessed with Nicki. However, Colonel Mustard head-ass did ask Quentin Miller if Meek ever asked him to ghostwrite for him.

What's interesting about Akademik's question is that I have only heard about the Meek ghostwriting allegation from him and an interview by Vlad TV with Taxstone and Quentin Miller.

Allegedly, Meek jumped Quentin because he wouldn't bless him with a "couple of Vs" like he did Drake. Where did the story that Quentin Miller shed blood in the Nike store just because Meek wanted to prove something to Nicki Minaj come from? How is beating up Quentin Miller proving anything? Was Drake trying to prove something to Nicki when he told Quentin, "be careful in these streets?"

Unless Nicki Minaj was so embarrassed by Meek's comeback at Drake, that she told his ass he better go get Quentin to write for him or else, then Akademiks makes no sense. There is a reason Akademiks has to be drunk to do these childish rants.

In conclusion, Mrs. Peacock did not do it. GAME OVER!



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