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Megan Thee Stallion Honors Victims Of Police Brutality During Triumphant Return On Tidal

Tonight, Megan Thee Stallion AKA Hot Girl Meg AKA Hottest Chick in the Game gave fans a virtual performance on Tidal 🤢. I was very interested to see how Megan would perform at her first show since being shot by Tory Lanez, and what exactly does a Megan Thee Stallion virtual concert look like.

Well, it looks...expensive. Megan had the big screens, the lights, the smoke, pyrotechnics. The only thing missing was the crowd's energy, but that did not stop Megan and her dancers from putting on a great show. She performed all the fan favorites and ended it on her #1 hit song Savage Remix. Megan did look a little limited when it came to dance, but that should be expected. I love that Megan is working with Beyonce's choreographer, JaQuel Knight. I am so excited at the thought of Megan Thee Stallion having these full out choreographed shows. That BET performance was everything.

One of my fave moments was when Megan Thee Stallion stopped her performance to highlight Aura Rosser, Atatiana Jefferson, Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake, and the many other Black victims who have lost their lives or been critically injured at the hands of police. Megan is one of the female rappers who makes sure her fans do more than twerk. She regularly posts on her social media to keep her fans aware of what is going on socially/politically when it comes to Black people. Not too long ago, Megan participated in the Femme It Forward Revolutionary Reads Book Club roundtable discussion on what young people can do to keep the BLM movement going. I applaud Megan for using her platform to inform her young hotties.

Megan Thee Stallion's triumphant return to the stage was amazing to watch. I'll keep saying it; the only thing surviving in 2020 is female rap.


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Aug 30, 2020

I definitely agree with the female rap surviving 2020. From topping billboard charts,dream collabs,(future dream collabs),breaking records,magazine covers, signing deals, babies etc. Even add Santana in the mix lol.

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