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Offset Defends Lizzo and Cardi B + Cardi B's White Savior Complex


Offset called TMuthafcknZ...Oops, I mean, TMuthafcknZ got lucky and caught Offset as he got into his vehicle and asked him about his thoughts on the social media drama surrounding Lizzo and his wife Cardi B after their song, "Rumors" dropped.

Offset's message was, "Let these beautiful Black women." Errrrr, he corrects himself. "Let these women be great. Stop judging, giving off negative energy; you know what I'm saying. We work hard to be entertainment to the world; let us be."



Let me say something regarding Cardi B's role in this drama. Cardi B shows signs of having a white savior complex. She is desperately trying to distance herself from Jason Lee and her remarks regarding Black women not supporting collaborations because she is on the song. You notice she is doing everything but apologizing and cutting off Jason Lee. She is cosplaying as Black girls' biggest cheerleader so that she has examples of times she has ridden hard for the sistahs.

Cardi B blames black girls for her music flopping

I'm not buying it. Cardi B is someone who has gotten too much support from Black women, in my opinion. So for her to solely blame us for her failures as a featured artist was ridiculous and showed she views us as her mules. She also revealed she is a person who is aware of her privilege the way she plays hokey pokey between "not everything is about race" and claiming to be one of us. She needs to be called out by sistahs more for this behavior.


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19 авг. 2021 г.

She look at black female artists as charity cases and I’m not with that. She probably feel like she’s responsible for Megan’s success too. And I saw a tweet the other day showing her wishing Jason a happy birthday.

20 авг. 2021 г.
Ответ пользователю

Well to clarify this was said in someone's chat early last week. Hence why I said allegedly. I just didn't take the time to go look until his Jason name was bought up today.

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