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J Prince Talks Megan Thee Stallion Contract & Erica Banks On The Breakfast Club


J Prince and his slow drip of a voice did an interview with The Breakfast Club for whatever reason. I do not even know what the purpose was, LOL. He knows people only want to hear about Megan Thee Stallion's contract dispute.

J Prince, who claimed weeks ago that the contract issue would be settled that same week, is still talking that same shit. He said, "Me and the homie Jay-Z spoke last week on the last point on closing that deal."

J Prince is speculating that the deal will be done next week...again.

He did add something interesting. When DJ Envy tried to make it seem like Megan was signing with Roc Nation the label, J Prince clarified that Megan will be with 1501/300 and Roc Nation is her management.

So, it does look like Megan may be stuck finishing out her contract, but just with better terms, which is WHAT SHE ORIGINALLY WANTED FROM CARL CRAWFORD.

This is like what Cardi B is doing with Atlantic Records. She is renegotiating for better terms.

Don't run with what I say. I am only guessing based on the drips that J Prince gives us.



Now, we know that Warner Records is the parent company of Atlantic. Who was so quick to push Cardi B...TBC! Who is besties with Mike Kyser...Angela Yee. So, since Erica Banks is part of the same group; of course they want to act like Erica Banks has made it, LOL.

I am not going to trash Erica. Y'all know I don't think she has the "IT factor" and her personality leaves a

lot to be desired. But, if you just read the comments on different social media platforms, you would know that girl has a long way to go before anyone should say Carl did anything again.

All he did was get her signed to a label this is snatching up TikTok stars left and right. He admitted he left Megan for Farris to mentor. What did he do...again?

I was in a chat with Carl Crawford. He was gloating and said he got two artists signed to a major label. Someone asked who was the other artist he got signed to a major and he shut that Live down quick. That is why I thought maybe he was going to free Megan cause she is not with a major, LOL.

See these niggas are really good with narratives. The only female rappers that seem to work at controlling their narratives are Cardi B and Saweetie. Even Megan needs more work in that department.

Once the girls get good with the narrative game, these niggas will be over.


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Jan 29, 2021

I feel like a deal has been reached but JP don’t want to say too much. 300ent finally certified her album so that lets me know they negotiated already. 300ent stopped promoting Good News and they didn’t send Cry Baby or Body to radio.


Jan 29, 2021

People just ignored from the beginning that all Megan wanted to do was renegotiate her contract. She said on the Breakfast Club that she didn’t want to leave 1501.

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